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our sponsors AND SUPPORTERS.

Empowering Families to recognize their own potential

Youth Xplosion accomplishes its goals of empowerment through the many networks we have established. Our organization serves as the avenue for local businesses to give something back to the community without hindering their daily operations. This helps local business owners promote their own establishments, pass on their knowledge of first-hand working experiences in the real world, and demonstrate how their business operates harmoniously with the community in which they live. Overall, we are representing the personal connection between the business owner and our participating youth and families. We deeply appreciate our sponsors' contributions and dedication to Youth Xplosion's mission. If you would like to make any contributions to Youth Xplosion, feel free to email us at general.mail.yxp.org.


Oak park community center

The Oak Park Community Center is the primary venue for events and meetings hosted by Youth Xplosion.


Walmart has partnered with Youth Xplosion to furnish our programs with food, non-food, and in-kind donations.


Walgreens and Youth Xplosion work hand in hand to increase our communities’ awareness of the resources available in their areas. Walgreens also supplies Youth Xplosion with donations for community and outreach events.


Youth Xplosion and Safeway work together to provide the communities we serve with nutritious food options and supplies. Through their food and non-food donations and in-kind contributions, Safeway has introduced another dimension to how Youth Xplosion can better serve individuals and families.

University of California, Davis

The University of California, Davis (UC Davis) provides institutional support for the work that Youth Xplosion has done for the Sacramento community. Additionally, volunteers from UC Davis have successfully initiated the start of and engaged the community in Youth Xplosion’s newest program, Turn-A-Page.

UC Davis Health System

The UC Davis Health System provides institutional support for the work that Youth Xplosion does in the Sacramento community.

Sacramento County

The Sacramento County shows continued community support for Youth Xplosion and the endeavors we pursue.

Sacramento State University

Volunteers for the Sacramento State University provide universal support at main events in Oak Park and Del Paso Heights. Collectively, they are responsible for the data collection and management of the members and volunteers of Youth Xplosion.

Sacramento Food Bank and Family Services


The Sacramento Food Bank and Family Services is dedicated to serving individuals and families in need. They have partnered with Youth Xplosion by providing food and non-food contributions to the members of the Oak Park community.

Raley's & Bel air

Raley’s & Bel Air grocery stores are committed to supporting communities in their quest for healthy living and understanding nutrition. They have partnered with Youth Xplosion in providing in-kind contributions of food and non-food donations.



BAPAC's mission  is to identify, document, effectuate and develop the political resources necessary to achieve  the education equity and excellence for our children, prosperity-economic development, social justice and equal protection under the Constitution, public safety-protect the rights of our citizens and support lawful rulings for every citizen in California, and promote cultural and heritage events to educate our people on our rich traditions and contributions to California history and its growth.


The Imani Clinic provides basic healthcare services to the underserved Oak Park community with the target population being African Americans within the community. Volunteers from Imani provide universal support in Youth Xplosion through Hoops for Health, blood pressure testing during the Sunrise Program, and administrative assistance.

Health Education Council


The Health Education Council is dedicated to providing access, education, advocacy, and training to empower individuals towards a healthy life. With Youth Xplosion, the Health Education Council provides guidance in understanding health resources and staff support for programs.

Christian Fellowship Ministries

Pastor of Christian Fellowship Church

Lifetime member of the NAACP

Leader of Faith Based Pastors Coalition 

YXPunite Advisory Board Member